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Thanks to a generous $5,000 grant from The Center for Ecoliteracy, Food Matters in Sonoma County is able to take groups of school children to visit our local farms. These trips to the farms provide experiential nutrition education for both children and their families. Image: Strawberries and Children. Photography by Doug Gosling, Occidental Arts & Ecology CenterExposing kids to real working farms and allowing them to talk to farmers--walking the rows, seeing, smelling, picking and tasting fruits and vegetables fresh from the soil, heightens their awareness and creates connections that no classroom alone can duplicate.

This educational process can serve as a building block to increase awareness of the importance of nutritious eating within the family and encourage responsiveness to the community food system. The next steps for our county's school food service directors become much easier. They will have vocal and committed support from parents to transition into providing healthy regionally produced food in school cafeterias.

Contact Linda Peterson at lpeterson@food-matters.org
or (707) 545-6043 x25, if interested in learning more about this project.
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