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Nutrition News
Windsor Unified School District J - Child Nutrition

Meal Service

Windsor's child nutrition staff serves meals freshly prepared at each school site. Large quantities of homemade recipes such as spaghetti are prepared from scratch at Windsor's central kitchen located at the high school and transported to the school sites for serving. Cali Calmecac receives meals prepared at Windsor's central kitchen and transported in hot/cold boxes until a kitchen facility is constructed on site.

Meal ID Cards

At the beginning of the school year students are automatically issued an ID card. The ID card is scanned electronically by a computerized system in the cafeteria when students receive breakfast and lunch and the cost of the meal is deducted from their account. All students are required to scan their card whether paying by cash or account.

ID Card Use

ID cards are kept in the cafeteria at all times for K-5 and stored in a designated meal card file. During the meal period, the teacher removes the cards and hands them out to each student wishing to receive a meal or milk. The student takes their meal card through the lunch line and scans their card by waving it by the scanner and then handing the card to the cashier. Students at secondary schools are responsible for having their id card in their possession at all times for use at various locations such as the cafeteria and library.

Pre-payment Accounts

Account deposits can be made in the cafeteria before school starts and during breakfast. When preparing your deposit for elementary students, please write the students name and room number on the memo of your check or place in an envelope with student information.

Students pre-paying to their account receive the discount listed on the monthly menu. At the K-8 grade levels all change will be put towards the account balance. A refund can be obtained with a written note from the student's parent/guardian.

Free & Reduced Meal Applications

Applications for free and reduced price meals are mailed in the summer and are available in the school office or cafeteria. Applications from last year are valid only for the first 30 operating days of the school year. Applications must be completed and approved yearly. Student's should bring a lunch from home or pay regular price for a lunch in the cafeteria until notified by mail of benefit approval.

The Child Nutrition Department processes applications at the central kitchen. One application is needed per family. Make sure to include each student' s name, school attending, grade, and classroom on the application. Applications must be submitted to your eldest child' s school cafeteria. The cafeterias forward the applications daily to the central kitchen for processing. The central kitchen then sends eligibility information electronically to the school sites and mails notices to parents/guardians.

Meal Charges

Meal charges (a negative balance) are for emergency lunches only for grades

K-5 and must be repaid. Students may not exceed two emergency lunch charges. Charges are not allowed at breakfast.

Help Wanted

We are accepting employment applications for substitute food service workers. Applications available at the district office

Thank you for your support, we are looking forward to seeing you!